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Foreign Conversions

Although video cassette housings and DVD media are essentially standard world-wide, the actual signal that is recorded varies from country to country. Because of these multiple standards in video recording, videotapes and DVDs from certain foreign countries must be converted to the American television standard format (NTSC) in order to be played back on American VCRs or DVD players. Likewise, videotapes or DVDs recorded in the American format (NTSC) must be converted to another format (usually PAL) in order to be viewed in another country.  

Conversions can be made onto VHS, DVD, miniDV, BetaSP, DVCAM and many other tape formats. Normally your order will be completed within 24-48 hours of receiving your tape. 

                            Video Standards
Click here for a list of international video format

Below is the price per copy for a tape in the PAL format to be converted to media file or DVD-R in NTSC format (the U.S. standard format). If you have a DVD (instead of a VHS) in the PAL format, we will convert it to a media file or DVD in the U.S. standard format for $85.00. 

PAL Tapes DVD-R Digital File
30 minutes $55 $55

60 minutes $55 $55
90 minutes $55 $55
120 minutes $55 $55
180 minutes $65 $65

*Pricing varies for different tape formats and standards. Please call us to inquire about your specific tape. 

To order, please send us your tapes and a completed order form.