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Videotapes lose part of their picture and sound signal each time you play them. Even if you don't play them that often, the signal is steadily deteriorating. Too often we have seen someone bring in a precious videotape that no longer has sound or has "snow" running through the middle of the screen and there is no way to recover the picture or audio once it is gone!

By having your videos converted now, before they deteriorate, you will keep your favorite memories alive. Unlike videotapes, the digital recordings on DVD are designed to last well over 100 years!

A DVD will hold up to 2 hours of video footage. Additional DVD copies are economical. We offer fast processing - usually 1 or 2 business days for a DVD archive transfer.

Economical DVD Archive:
By this method, your entire videotape is transferred to DVD as is. There are no custom titles pages or custom chapter points edited onto the DVD. However, chapter stops are automatically included about every 3-5 minutes for your convenience.

For VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm Videotape, Hi-8, Digital 8 or miniDV tapes:
(For a DVD made from formats other than those listed above please call first.)

Number of Tapes
to be Converted


$35.00 each
$30.00 each
$28.00 each
$25.00 each

DVD Replication:

Since DVDs can get scratched and otherwise damaged, causing them to be unviewable, we recommend that you have at least one copy of your transfer made as a back-up. Additional DVD copies are $10 each.

Custom DVD Authoring:

Choose specific chapter locations and titles! Pricing for custom DVD authoring is charged at the studio edit rate ($200/hour) so your cost will vary depending on the services requested.

Note: The quality of a DVD cannot exceed that of the video source from which it is mastered, so if the master tape is on VHS, the quality of the DVD will not exceed that of VHS. Also, certain DVD players may display incompatibility with certain DVDs.  

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