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Photo Montage (photos to video)

Need to honor someone in a special way?

Photo montage videos are the PERFECT way to honor loved ones! Keepsake Video will take your photographs and artfully master them into a beautiful video production that will be enjoyed now and cherished for years to come. Completely customize the video with your choice of music and titles. It's a unique gift for:

  •  graduations
  •  weddings
  •  anniversaries
  •  Mother's Day
  •  Father's Day
  •  birthdays
  •  Valentine's Day
  •  organizational banquets
  •  tributes to a deceased loved one

Photo Montages on DVD or Media Files


or to honor someone in a very special way! Montages can include images from photographs, slides, newspaper clippings, certificates, awards, diplomas, video tape segments and even include clips from 8mm & 16mm home movie films. 

Click here for help in planning your photo montage

The service fee for a photo montage to DVD is shown below:

# of Images Transfer Fee  Minutes of Music
40 $189.95 4
50 $ 229.95 5
75 $ 269.95 7.5
100 $ 324.95 10
125 $ 364.95 12.5
150 $ 419.95 15
175 $ 474.95 17.5
200 $ 529.95 20
250 $ 624.95 25
300 $ 719.95 30
400 $ 924.95 40
500 $1129.95 50
Custom montages include:
1. opening and closing titles
2. smooth transitions
3. custom music selections
4. electronic cropping and elegant backgrounds
*Number the photos in the order that you want them to appear on the montage.
* Select your background music (client must supply the music to us). Your choice of music will determine the "mood" of each section of pictures. We understand that selecting music is often one of the most difficult challenges for many clients in preparing the source materials for a photo montage. However, because style of music is such a personal preference and because there are literally millions of selections, artists, renditions, etc. - we cannot select the music for you.
* Generally pictures will be displayed at a cadence of about 10 per minute so a 3 minute song should have approximately 30 pictures with it. You may certainly deviate somewhat from this guideline (plus or minus 20% is usually 'ok') - but you risk having the images shown at too fast or too slow a pace. If you want a certain piece of music and do not have enough pictures to meet this guideline, we have additional video techniques such as moving pictures that can help.

In addition to photos - slides, documents such as newspaper clippings, certificates, awards, diplomas, etc. can also be incorporated in a montage.

  • Extra captions or title screens at $3 each.
  • Additional photos to above at $2.39/each.
  • Looping DVDs produced by request. 
  • Digitize and insert video clips at $15/clip.
  • Some projects involve much more customization than a standard photo montage. In these cases,  custom editing is available at the studio editing  rate (currently $200/hour) for narration, animations, special requests, special timing of pictures or clips precisely to the beat of the music, adding 'extra spice' to your montage, etc. 

Montages can be a lot of effort on your part to gather and organize. Once completed however, they will become a lasting 'legacy' - cherished by those that you have chosen to honor in this very special way!

Click here for help in planning your photo montage.


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