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   Regular 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm Films to Video   


If you are like most people, it's been a long time since you’ve seen your films. Getting the projector and screen set up can be a hassle, and disappointing too, if the projector lamp is burned out or if the projector “eats” your precious movies. Having your films transferred to DVD or digital files on a Hard Drive (such as .avi or .mov) is something that you will likely do only once and will make viewing your films so much easier! It is also an investment in your family's heritage to ensure that the precious memories captured on your films are preserved. 

The transfer fee is determined by the amount of film to be transferred. For help in determining the quantity of film that you have, click here. 

Once you’ve determined the quantity of film that you have, use the scrolling box below to determine the transfer fee. The transfer fee is discounted based on the quantity of the film transferred - so one large order will cost less than two smaller orders of the same quantity. For example, the transfer fee for 20 small reels is not "double" the transfer fee for 10 small reels (because there is a greater discount factored into the larger order).  So for the greatest economy, have all your reels transferred as one order - instead of breaking them into smaller separate orders.

Small Reels  Feet  DVD or
Digital Files

Most 8mm/Super 8 films are projected at 18 frames per second and 16mm films at 24 fps.

Note: There is a charge of $7.50 to switch between formats. Therefore, it is most economical to transfer all the regular 8mm film, then switch one time and transfer all the super 8mm films (if your transfer order contains both types of film).  

Processing of your order normally takes about 2-4 weeks from the time that we receive it. This timing may be differ based on current studio backlog. If your transfer is needed by a certain date, the best way to check on current backlog is to call or e-mail us. We also offer rush service at an additional charge.

Film transfer to DVD and/or Digital Files on a Hard Drive

Up to 2 hours of your 8mm film (about 1700-1800 feet) will fit onto one DVD.  Signals encoded on a DVD are resilient and are expected to last for 100+ years. We also make automatic 'chapter stops' at about every 3-5 minutes of your DVD transfer which makes scanning through your films much more easy and convenient. An opening and closing title is added to your film transfer and background music is provided (except for super 8mm SOUND movies – we do not add music to any order that has sound).

Additional copies of your video transfers are priced at only $10 each. These will make a unique and treasured gift for your children, parents, brothers and sisters, etc.  

Film transfer to Hard Drive

We now offer transfer of 8mm & 16mm films to external hard drive for those that have computer video editing capability and want to edit their home movie films after they have been transferred. Increasingly, video editing hardware and software is becoming readily available. Through features such as 'firewire', digital video (often as .avi or .mov) may be input to a computer, edited as desired and then burned directly to a DVD using DVD authoring software. 

Need more information on film transfer?  Check our FAQ page.

How to order

To prepare your film transfer order, determine whether you will want your films transferred to DVD or digital file and then please follow the steps listed below:

1. Number each film reel in sequence (if there is a certain order in which you want them to be transferred). 
2. Click
here to access the order form.
3. Send your films and the completed order form to us - we'll do the rest!

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