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Slides to Video

When was the last time that you viewed your slides? If you are like most people, itís been a very long time. Setting up the screen and projector can be difficult (and disappointing too, if the slide jams in the projector or if the projector lamp is burned out). This hassle need not happen again because your slides can be transferred to video!

Often our clients tell us that they have several thousand slides. You may save considerably on your transfer fee by reviewing the slides first and removing duplicates, those that are not in focus, or those which were poorly composed, etc.  Our clients usually find that there are a number of "vacation" slides that only picture a mountain or a beach and may not be as meaningful as those that include images of friends and relatives. 

There are two types of slide transfer:

1. High Resolution Scanning - By this method your slides will be converted to files on a CD-ROM so you can easily edit them in a photo editor, print them out, or e-mail them to family and friends. 

High resolution scanning of slides are done with professional scanners that utilize:

  • LED light sources. These produce very little heat so there is no damage to your slides.
  • DIGITAL ICE infra-red technology. This automatically removes surface defects (such as dust and scratches).
  • Color Management Software. This provides an accurate reproduction on monitors, prints, etc.
Your slides will be saved as high quality JPEG (.jpg) files. 

JPEG has been in existence for over 15 years now, with multiple software options available for viewing. JPEG files provide picture quality in a compact file size. When saving your files we will set the compression ratio at the maximum practical quality that is possible. We typically utilize the industry standard of 2400dpi resolution when scanning your slides or photo negatives. 

*Up to 4000dpi scans available upon request at a much larger file size. 

2. Slide Montage - The transfer of slides to DVD or media file includes:

  • a standard music track (the mood is light nostalgia and sentimental)
  • opening/closing titles 
  • standard transitions (as one image fades out, another fades in)

When choosing to have your slides put into a Slide Montage, please keep in mind that horizontally configured slides transfer better than vertical slides due to the shape of a television screen. The examples shown below illustrate this. 


Pricing for each type of slide transfer is shown below:

High Resolution Scanning Slide Montage

Additional DVD copies of your Slide Montage are only $10 each. Extra copies are a great way to enable several relatives to have these precious images (even though only one person has the actual slides).

All slides must be numbered in the order in which they are to be transferred. Preferably, slides should be loaded into standard "80 count" or "140 count" Kodak-style slide carousels. 

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