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Videotape Repair

We will repair your original video tape and return it to you along with an extra DVD or VHS copy for $79.95 plus shipping/handling. We repair broken or damaged VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, hi-8mm, digital 8mm, Betamax, miniDVD and camcorder videotapes. Tapes can become damaged either by the tape itself becoming broken or crinkled or by physical damage to the tape housing or internals. Most physical damage can be repaired or recovered.

Please note:  We cannot repair a 'damaged image' that was recorded onto the original tape via clogged or dirty video heads. Also, we cannot repair tapes that have been magnetically erased or accidentally recorded over.

WARNING! DO NOT disassemble the videocassette housing! Doing so may make the tape impossible to repair. This is no job for an amateur!

Note: Although your original tape will be repaired, the new splice that was necessary to repair your original tape poses a risk to the video heads on your VCR in that the spliced portion of the videotape is now 'thicker' at that point than it normally would be.  Your original video tape may be retained for archival purposes, but should not be used because it may damage your VCR. 

We will repair your original video tape and produce a DVD for $79.95

  • Be sure to order extra copies. Additional DVD copies are only $10 and are a great way to share your video with others. It's a good idea to put a spare copy in a 'safe place' (in case your everyday copy gets lost or becomes damaged).

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