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We produce images from video (photographs from video tape). Sometimes important images are caught on videotape and there are no comparable photographic prints available. If this is the case and a photo of the image is needed, we can produce an image for you from the video tape.

Video captures about 30 images every second (equivalent to shooting about a roll of photographic film every second). So, it is important to cue up the tape to the approximate area on the tape where the image is located. Also, please describe the image that you wish to capture.  Please note that prints created from video images are not as sharp and clear as a photograph because the resolution of video is not as high as that of film. 

The service fee for prints made from video is as follows:

Set up fee of $49.95 and then 
To 'freeze' each image $7.00

Your images will be stored on a CD/USB as .jpg images.  You can then take the CD/USB to a print shop and have photos made.

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